Undercover Chef Tip – Saving the Mayonnaise

Split mayonnaise. It would appear to be the most dramatic kitchen event if you believe reality tv. But it can be a pain and it is disheartening when it happens.

Don’t dismay! It can be fixed. If you’re mayonnaise is starting to look a bit iffy, add a few small ice cubes and keep blending. More often than not mayonnaise splits as it has become too warm from from the blender blades and if the ingredients are not room temperature to begin with this can cause the split.

What if it has totally split and is a watery looking mess? Again, don’t dismay.

To fix – pour the split mix into another jug, add one or two yolks to the blender depending on how much you are making (a little one, a lot two). Allow it to blend and then slowly re-pour the split mix back into the blender – the egg will re-emulsify the split mayonnaise. Season and enjoy your lovely mayonnaise.

Other factors to consider:

– Blend the oil, salt and mustard well before adding the oil to ensure a smooth mix

– Make sure the ingredients are all room temperature for easier emulsion (the term for adding fat to fat evenly i.e. oil to yolks)

– Add the oil slowly to not flood the mix and split it