In My Own Kitchen

Elevating Your Culinary Experience

At In My Own Kitchen,  I cook by three guiding principles: Fresh. Exciting. Delicious. My mission is to transform your relationship with food, making cooking an enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone. 

My culinary journey began in the kitchens of my childhood and evolved through professional culinary spaces, and now, it's about sharing this expertise with you.

I understand that amidst busy schedules and the challenges of meal planning, the joy of cooking can sometimes be lost. That's where I step in.


Cooking in your kitchen allows you to relax, enjoy and create.

What makes my approach unique? 

Tailored to You: No intimidating equipment or hard-to-find ingredients. I work with your familiar tools and household staples, ensuring you can easily replicate dishes

Clarity is Key: Cooking is a skill, and learning should be simple. Recipes come with clear, concise instructions, guiding you every step of the way, ensuring confidence in the kitchen

Budget-Friendly Fare: I craft recipes that respect your budget, adapting meals to fit your financial priorities without compromising on taste or quality

Catering to Your Tastes: Sweet or spicyvegetarian or meat lover - my recipes cater to your preferences. I create dishes you love and want to master

Inclusivity Matters: From visual recipes to adapted techniques, I ensure our cooking experiences are accessible to all, regardless of ability

Professional Expertise: With years of experience in professional kitchens, I not only excel in cooking but in teaching and empowering others to become confident in their culinary skills

Joyful Culinary Adventure: Our lessons are not just about the meal, but the experience. I ensure a fun and engaging session that leaves you with a smile

Bringing Global Flavours to Your Doorstep: Having cooked worldwide, I've collected an array of recipes and inspirations to share. Invite me into your kitchen, and let's create culinary delights together

In My Own Kitchen is where passion meets expertise. From simple salads to intricate desserts, I'm here to make your kitchen a place of culinary discovery and joy

Ready to embark on this flavourful journey? Let's cook together! 



My Qualifications:


Trade Qualified - Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Diploma in Hospitality Management


Registered Blue Card Working with Children Check 
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