In My Own Kitchen

Fresh. Exciting. Luscious.

These three words are my benchmarks for preparing and eating whatever I choose.

I’ve been a lover of food and maker of meals for as long as I can remember. From my home kitchen growing up peeling potatoes and topping beans, to the professional kitchens throughout my career, food, eating well, eating different and eating with joy has been second nature. I thought this was the case for everyone. Through conversations with friends, clients and co-workers I realised that not everyone feels the same.

Diets started and abandoned, food intolerances, shame and guilt, time poor schedules all interfere with the joy of preparing and eating luscious food. But what if this could all change with ease?

Cooking in your kitchen allows you to relax, enjoy and create.

No scary industrial equipment, no utensils you don’t have at home to make the recipes yourself and no stress to get it “right”. I’m there with you every step, sharing my knowledge, teaching you my skills and inviting you to discover the joy of cooking you yourself can have and create in your own kitchen. Cooking has been second nature and I love to share the joy and happiness with anyone and everyone.

What if we could leave the stress and hassle at the door and create wonderful luscious meals that make your mouth and body sing? No longer am I content to just cook meals.

Lamb flatbreads - share menu

I love to create meals that are delicious, joyous and a delight to eat.

That can be from the simplest salad to the more complicated desserts. Most of all I love to create them in my own kitchen and share them with others. This is how In My Own Kitchen was born.

I have cooked here in Australia and around the world and brought home recipes, ideas and inspirations that I can’t wait to share with you all in the comfort of your kitchen.

Wonder who has taken all the beautiful photos? The foodie pics on the blog and gourmet gallery are all mine and the lovely client pics are c/o Frank Casablanca: 

The lovely photo’s of me have been taken by Karen Cougan from Above See Level Photography 


My Qualifications:


Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Diploma in Hospitality Management


Registered Blue Card Working with Children Check 
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