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Have you heard about my group classes?

Love cooking and being social?

My group cooking classes cater to all skill levels and are limited in number to ensure you can be as involved as possible

What are the classes about?

Group classes are all about teaching cooking skills in a fun and social environment. In My Own Kitchen was created to cater to all cooking preferences from going solo in your kitchen, coming to mine or social cooking in group classes. Classes are available for all ages and skill levels - please see below for classes currently being offered or information for classes available in the new year

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School Holiday Kids Classes

Kids Holiday Classes - General

Embark on a culinary journey with our Kids Group Cooking Classes! Our classes are all about making cooking fun and interactive for young chefs. Using easy recipes we create a delightful learning environment just for beginners. Join us and let's whip up some tasty treats while having a blast in the kitchen. Start their cooking adventure today!

  • Dishes are designed to be user friendly, engaging and adaptable for all dexterity needs. This class is suitable for 8+ - younger cooks are welcome but a parent must be present to assist and supervise the cooking
  • We request that participants wear enclosed shoes and have long hair tied back for hygiene and safety
  • Please note - Whilst allergen friendly ingredients can be substituted on request, no liability is assumed for any traces of ingredients in recipes, on equipment or cooking surfaces
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Adult cooking classes

Demo classes

As part of the Logan City Council Active and Healthy Program In My Own Kitchen is hosting a demonstration cooking class that introduces participants to budget friendly and delicious meals that can be adapted for one person or a group

Samples of the meals are provided for participants to take home and full recipes are provided. Dietary changes can be catered for but please specify when booking to check if we can meet your needs

To participate in the Active and Healthy program, each person is required to complete a registration form every three months. These forms are available from the activity provider or at  Active & Healthy.com

Please note enclosed shoes, appropriate attire and a water bottle are required. Bookings essential

DATE - Thursday 23rd November - 1-2pm

LOCATION - Greenbank Community Centre 45-167 Teviot Rd, Greenbank QLD

TO BOOK:  please email or call

NDIS Group Classes

From April 2024 In My Own Kitchen will be hosting a 6 week block of classes at Toombul Shire Hall

It is a large spacious venue that is wheelchair accessible and air conditioned

Just some of the advantages of these classes will be:

  1. Skill Development: Enhance your culinary skills and techniques.
  2. Healthier Choices: Learn to make nutritious and balanced meals.
  3. Creativity: Explore your creativity in the kitchen with various ingredients.
  4. Social Interaction: Connect with others who share a passion for cooking.
  5. Stress Relief: Cooking can be therapeutic and a great stress reliever.
  6. Cultural Exploration: Explore diverse cuisines and cooking styles.
  7. Confidence Boost: Gain confidence in your ability to prepare delicious meals.
  8. Fun and Enjoyment: Turn cooking into an enjoyable and fun activity.
  9. Time Efficiency: Learn tips to save time and streamline your cooking process.
  10. Adaptability: Acquire skills to adapt recipes based on dietary needs or preferences.

Classes will be $124 each lesson with a total of $744 per participant for the full 6 weeks

All ingredients are provided - whilst we are able to adapt recipes for certain dietary requirements, in the instance of complex dietary needs, a dietician may need to be consulted prior to enrollment to ensure we are able to assist as much as possible

Billing can be provided under Community Participation, Skill Development for Independence in Daily Life or focus on Health and Well Being Improvement - for full details please check with your plan provider


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