Cooking classes in your home

Let me show you how to create it, plate it and share it

Cooking classes in your home

Let me show you how to create it, plate it and share it

Hello and Welcome to In My Own kitchen!

At In My Own Kitchen, we believe that cooking delicious food and having fun in the kitchen should be accessible to everyone. Say goodbye to the notion of cooking as a chore, and hello to the joy of culinary exploration! With a bench full of ingredients and a stove, the possibilities are endless.

From the garden to the table, we are passionate about creating with any and all ingredients we can get our hands on. Nothing excites us more than embarking on the adventure of a new recipe and exploring new flavours.

Let us guide you on a journey where cooking becomes not just a task, but an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Join one of our cooking classes and discover how to create wonderful dishes, expertly plate them, and most importantly, savour every delicious bite. Join us in the kitchen and discover the pleasure of cooking like never before.

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Beginner Cooking Classes

In home classes designed to improve your cooking confidence


A fun and easy way to learn new skills

Fun and social cooking classes for the school holidays. Kids learn new skills whilst making delicious food 

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Have your events catered with ease

Have a chat with Luisa to create Chef-designed moorish treats and event styling.

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Looking for help in the kitchen?

NDIS Cooking Classes

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Need some inspiration?

Recipe Collection

Ready to Cook and Want to Book?

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Meet Chef Luisa Scrimshaw

With 23 years of kitchen wisdom, Luisa has been some delicious recipes under her belt. From fancy restaurants to cozy kitchens, she has the scoop on turning every meal into a flavour-packed adventure.

Luisa is all about making cooking fun and delicious. Whether it's adding a twist to classics or throwing in unexpected flavours, every dish has that signature charm.

Ever wondered what Luisa loves to whip up when not in the spotlight? Dive into their favourite recipes, cooking hacks, and maybe even some guilty pleasures that make cooking more of joy than chore. Come behind the scenes and join the culinary shenanigans on social media. Because good food is meant to be shared, and the kitchen should always be a place of laughter, experiments, and tasty surprises.

Ready to dive into Chef Luisa's world? Stick around for delicious stories, mouthwatering recipes, and a sprinkle of kitchen magic! 

What My Clients Say

"It is an absolute highlight learning so much from you and preparing and cooking delicious meals. I couldn't do it without such a wonderful, friendly and patient teacher"

D. Harry (NDIS Client 2024)

"One simple word, superb. In so few lessons I learned so much more than I imagined possible, opening a new world of food on a level far about my previous ability's" 

P. Watson (2023)

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