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Hours and Fees

What is your hourly rate?

IMOK Packages start at $45/hr for kids and $60/hr for adults.  For catering the hourly rate is $45 for a the chef and $25/hr for waitstaff 

How much is the travel surcharge?

Travel within a 10km radius of Everton Park, Brisbane, does not incur a travel charge, for travel in a 10-15km radius, an extra $10 will be added to the final cost, for 15-20 km an extra $15 will be added, 25km $25. For longer distances please enquire.

How far are you prepared to travel?

Travel of up to an hour each way (approx 100 km from Brisbane) is able to be arranged, further distances are possible but at least a month’s notice is required to ensure the date will suit and the travel time up to or exceeding an hour will be charged at the rate of $30/hr

Is cleaning included?

Yes! I have learnt to work clean and tidy as I go due to the limited space in professional kitchens. So I will ensure your kitchen is left sparkling and tidy so you don’t have to stress.

What if I need to change or cancel my booking?

• Changes:
Changes to bookings can be made 5 business days prior to the booking with no charge. If you need to change the type of booking within the 5 business days, up to 24 hours in advance, a 10% administration surcharge will apply. Changes to times of the booking can be made with 24 hours notice in writing, the change confirmed upon written approval. If a change on the day cannot be made and an alternate date needs to be arranged, all food costs will be charged with a 15% administration fee for the new date.

• Cancellations:
Cancellations can only be made 10 business days prior to the booking with no cost. Cancellations 24 hours prior to the booking cannot be refunded only re-booked. If you are not going to re-book you will be charged the food cost of ingredients and lose 50% of the booking fee. If you wish to cancel and re-book, the food cost and a 15% administration fee will apply for the change.

How do I pay you?

Direct deposit arranged via invoice or paypal for credit card transactions

What are the min hours I can book you for?

For simple lessons and kids cooking classes the minimum is one hour. 

Are you available weekends?

I am available Saturdays for bookings subject to availability. Sundays and Public Holidays will have surcharges applied applicable to individual packages. For full costs please inquire. 

Can we receive a group discount for private teaching sessions?

Certainly! Book for three or more people and a 15% discount will apply to the total price. Numbers will be capped at 8 to allow personalised attention. Please note this discount does not apply to IMOK jnr party packages. 

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The Kitchen

Does it have to be in my own kitchen?

Preferably, so you can feel confident and at ease cooking in your own space. The idea is to have fun and cook as often as possible at home. If your kitchen is too small etc and you have a family member or friend’s kitchen you would like to use this is no problem at all.

Can we use your kitchen?

If you don’t have a space that suits, you are more than welcome to use my kitchen to learn. I will try and use utensils that will be found in your kitchen as well.

What kitchen appliances and tools will I need?

The aim of each recipe/lesson is to be able to cook with everyday utensils. If you have specialised equipment such as a pasta or ice-cream maker or tagine and would like to use them, we can create recipes to suit. Appliances and tools such as mixing bowls, chopping boards, a whisk, wooden spoons, general wooden spoon/tongs/ladles, pots and pans will be adequate to create menus. Would you like to use certain utensils that you don’t have? No problem, I can provide them for the sessions. If later you decide you would like to buy them, I can help you there too.

What if my kitchen is really small?

So are professional kitchens! You would be amazed at the space chef’s have to create the meals we do. I am used to creating wonderful recipes in limited space. If you have some bench space, a stove and a kitchen table we can make it. I can bring a folding table for extra room to put utensils and ingredients while we are preparing the meal.

Do you visit my kitchen first?

Not usually – e-mailed photos and inventory of your main cooking utensils will suffice for catering and cooking classes if required. 

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Ingredient Sourcing

How do you decide on what ingredients to use?

Fresh ingredients are always the priority. I have preferred markets/suppliers and brands I use from my years of being a chef. I choose ingredients based on their seasonal availability, their freshness and relevance to the dish. There is no point in sourcing ingredients you can’t access easily. The idea is to create easy and fun menus at home, not wander the earth just to collect the ingredient list! In the case of spices and specific cuisine ingredients I will try and source them from grocery stockists such as spice supermarkets as they are cheaper and better quality than those of a supermarket.

Who buys the ingredients?

I will provide the ingredients for the agreed upon menu and charge accordingly. If you have a preference for ingredients from particular shop/market then you may buy the ingredients yourself. If you would like to come with me to a market or specialised grocer to learn what to look for or to gain confidence in sourcing appropriate ingredients we can certainly arrange an outing. This can be charged at an hourly rate of $30/hr for a minimum of two hours. If you would like to bring a friend you will both be charged at $26/hr. Shopping with more than two people is not offered as it doesn’t allow for the personalised attention I would like to give you.

Where do you buy the ingredients from?

I source my fresh ingredients from butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets or fruit shops. Pantry items will be either from my wholesaler or supermarket as required. 

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Guest Needs

How many guests can you help me with?

If you would like to hire me solo I can assist you with up to 80 guests as a canape/standing meals function. For sit down meals, I can assists solo with 25 maximum. If you would like to hire me plus an assistant who will be charge to you at $35/hr, I can assist with up to 120 guests as a canape/standing meals function and 40 guests sitting. Service staff (bar and wait staff) are currently not available for hire through me but I can arrange through a third party hire service. 

Can you help if I need to hire extra tableware, furniture?

Certainly! I have preferred suppliers through my previous function experience so I can arrange the hire of equipment for large functions at a 10% administration fee on top of the final hire charge.

What if I have an allergy to particular foods?

Not a problem! Let me know the allergy and I can ensure the menus/recipes cater accordingly. Please note though In My Own Kitchen does not operate out of an allergen free facility thus no responsibility for trace allergens will be taken by In My Own Kitchen. 

What if one my children or guests have allergies?

I can create alternate food items for these guests if they are only 1-2 in number, any more than 5 dietary requirements will require a suitable menu being arranged for all guests. Allergies must be specified at least 48 hours in advance as food items cannot be changed on the day without incurring a 10% surcharge for administration and sourcing.

What if I want to stick to a particular diet?

Advise me of the ins and outs of the diet and I will do my best to apply it to the menu. Most diets can be adhered to with a little tweaking and discussion.

Do you give diet/nutrition advice?

Through my experience as a chef I do have some nutritional knowledge. However, I am not qualified to advise on dietary changes or supplements. I can consult with my reliable, qualified nutritionist contacts for factual information on your behalf. For more detailed diet/nutrition advice, I can refer you to my preferred practitioners.

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