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Easy ways to cook well, eat well and have fun doing it

An interesting revelation has come to come me lately. I always had this preconception that as a chef just because I know how to cook I must know how to eat. Let me explain my logic here – when you can cook and anything and enjoy cooking surely you must only eat the very best […]

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What is creating Christmas Magic with Luisa and Jennie?

  Christmas can be an interesting time of year. People are either stressed out shopping for the “perfect” gift or looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the break. Sometimes you may be like me for the last 14 years in the hospitality industry and you are dreading the onslaught of Christmas parties that […]

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Pastry Tips and Tricks

  Does the idea of making your own pastry send chills down your spine? Maybe it’s not that dramatic but may still give you the hmm…could they tell if I just bought it kind of vibes? Fear not, I have my favourite tips and tricks for simple pastry recipes that will have you baking gorgeous creations […]

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When is it convenient to buy ready made?

   Ready made. Microwave meals. Convenient food. All becoming big no no’s in the culinary world. Why? I hear you ask. Depending on the quality of the product, made processed food items can contain more chemical numbers, salt and sugar than they do real ingredients. So when is it ok to buy ready made products […]

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Undercover Chef Tip – Having your cake and cutting it too

  Ever starting cutting up a beautiful birthday cake and found by the third slice it looks a little less than beautiful? So what to do?  An easy solution is to warm up the knife in hot water to allow it to cut through the icing cleanly.  So how do you warm up the knife […]

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We all scream for ice-cream

Summer days are meant for ice-cream. Cool taste sensations and flavours that delight the tongue, what could be more exciting?  Sometimes though, store bought ice-cream can reveal a whole lot of interesting additives, flavours, extenders (water, vegetable shortening, wheat starch) which I prefer to leave on the shelves, not in my stomach. So how you […]

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