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In My Own Kitchen Products

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After School Cooking Program

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Come and join me on a culinary tour throughout different cuisines and cultures. We’ll embark on 8 consecutive 60-minute cooking classes designed for kids wanting to enjoy cooking in a relaxed group environment. These classes will cover the entire school term, meaning that you will have peace of mind knowing that Friday afternoons are sorted. …

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Saturday and School Holiday Kids Cooking Classes

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👩‍🍳 Get the kids in the kitchen with these fun cooking classes and take time out for you 👨‍🍳 . They will join Chef Luisa in for a fun-filled cooking class. She will teach them the basic skills of the most authentic, mouth-watering food. . Our cooking classes offer: . 👩‍🍳 Experienced Chef working with …

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The Busy Parents How To – Cooking Italian Dishes

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Italian food is all about flavour, family and sharing – a perfect international cuisine to introduce your kids into the kitchen with. The flavours of Italian food differ greatly between regions and are steeped in history – for this guide we are going to explore some of the more familiar and perhaps slightly less traditional …

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