What do dragon’s eat?

I found this little guy munching on biscuits in my kitchen so and I had to wonder, really, what do dragons eat?


Munching on afternoon tea, I had to stop and ponder,

Were dragons cake eaters or of biscuits are they fonder?

Do their sharp claws make it hard to eat a dainty bite?

Or do they just gobble it all up, one chomp and its out of sight?

Do their wings get in the way when they turn around and move?

Or do they have big dragon kitchens with enough space to dance and groove?

Or do they like cups of tea or do they just drink juice?

Or do their claws always get in their way and they wonder what’s the use?

Can you imagine a tea party with a dragon, oh how fun it would be,

To sit and talk of flying, breathing fire and all things dragon-y

Would they need to cut up their fruit?

Or would they rip it apart with their hands?

Looking at a pineapple either way some effort it still demands!

If you ever find a dragon, please ask them a question or two,

For I’d like to know if the answers to the above I actually knew 😉