Accessible Cooking Classes

NDIS Cooking Classes

Do you have plan managed NDIS funding? If so In My Own Kitchen can provide cooking classes in your home

These classes are designed to increase participants confidence in the kitchen, provide recipes in an accessible format based on needs and introduce participants to the joy and fun of cooking 

Group social classes may also be arranged - for these please contact Luisa for details

How can I help you?

Cooking in your kitchen

Here’s how it works:

  • We discuss your needs and accessibility options

  • We look at what utensils you have in your home

  • We discuss your budget and the meals you like

  • I come to you and we cook the meal together

  • You learn a delicious meal and enjoy it or make enough to put some away in the freezer for later!

accessibility as the focus

Cooking with ease

By having me at your side you can learn at your own pace. No confusing recipes, no having to work out how to adjust it, no ingredients you have never heard of. Just good food made simple

Here's how it works:

  • I make sure the recipe has simple instructions that are easy to follow

  • Recipes may have visual guides for instructions depending on participants needs

  • Recipes based on foods you enjoy so you enjoy cooking them!

  • Utensils that assist in the preparation as required such as blenders, safety knives, scissors, food choppers and non slip mixing bowls. All utensils required are considered so you can cook with confidence 

  • Short lessons - designed to keep interest, not tire you out and be suitable for a weekday meal


How do I pay you?

As In My Own Kitchen is not a NDIS registered provider I can only work with participants on a plan managed fund. This means I will provide the service and invoice your plan manager. How many lessons and what we can cook will depend on the budget funding in your plan.

Common funding used for cooking classes has been allocated under skill and development training or recreational activities depending on the client

Please get in touch to discuss your interest and we can create a lesson plan to suit

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