Taking Your Food Up A Notch – Cooking Classes To Inspire

Feel pretty confident in your kitchen but need some inspiration?


Time for a little food mojo to re enter your life? Take It Up A Notch is designed for you. You’re no stranger to the stove but would like to take what you already know up a notch to restaurant quality style.

Even re-plating your favourite dishes can take them from ho-hum to YUM! This is your chance to wow your family, loved ones, colleagues and even yourself.




Are they impossible to cook for?

family cooking collage

Pleasing the tastebuds and bellies of our family members, day in day out, can sometimes have a Mount Everest feeling to it – without the sherpa. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  All we need to do is take it up a notch from simple to simply amazing.


What if they don’t come? What if they do?

dinner party

Like cooking but the thought of hosting a dinner party triggers a cold sweat? Maybe you’re calmer about it but your kitchen ends up in chaos.  No matter where you’re at, I can take you through how to impress a small crowd without hassle or stress. Yes, it can be done.


Take the relationship up a notch

romantic dinner

I’ll be frank. Cooking a beautiful meal for someone special scores you major points. Male or female, wooing through food is as fun as it is seductive. Let’s take your favourite meal (or theirs) and raise it up to restaurant standard, serve with style, and then…


Make it Fun...

Have foodie friends and want to do something different to celebrate your upcoming nuptials? We can create a naughty and fun menu to create together, enjoy and celebrate with.


Great for business...



Bored of eating out all the time? Wish you could just have your colleagues over for a meeting and something wonderful you had prepared? We can create an easy menu that you can make at home and serve without hassle.


Prices start at...


Packages start at $60 for a one hour lesson plus ingredients. If you would like to create a package of three (3) or more classes please contact me to arrange a package deal. 

Step Up A Notch Prices – full package and price details




If you have further questions view our FAQ’s or simply call or email Luisa now to get started.


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