L-Plate Cooking – Your First Time At The Stove

Remember when you first learnt how to drive? Chances are, you had a patient person next to you. Someone guiding you through the backstreets until you could take on the open road…

Why L-Plate cooking is ‘uber-fun’

For a start, we’re at your place. No industrial kitchens, no scary looking gadgets. There is no pressure. I like to cook the way you like to cook. Relaxed, fun and with a delicous meal as the reward. If you’d like to have your kids in the lesson we can arrange that too. Want the kids to cook themselves? I have packages that will explore their curiosity and pique their intest in food and cooking. 

We all make cooking mistakes

That’s part of the fun. The ultimate goal? To create food you feel proud of. Packages start at $150 for a two hour lesson with additional hours charged at $60/hr. If you would like to create a package of three (3) or more classes please contact me to arrange a package deal. 

 How do you get your L-Plates?




Never learnt to cook?

Leading the take-away life? This is for you. I can show you the basics from how to boil an egg, cook pasta and make basic sauces, plus more. Sounds simple, right? It is, but it will all look and taste amazing. Want to feel like a pro? Here’s your chance. Get your L-plates today!

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Teach your children the wonder of food and cooking

Is there a budding chef in your kitchen?

In My Own Kitchen Jnr is designed to teach kitchen confidence and fun to children from 8-15. Easy and safe, one-on-one in your own kitchen. Your child’s delight as they eat the food they cooked themselves is golden – and future rewards for you are limitless!

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Leaving Home?

My First Kitchen is for those leaving the nest and going it alone. Wish you knew a simple dish or two? Two minute noodles will only take you so far. My First Kitchen is all about showing how to kit up your kitchen (cheaply) and learning easy dishes you’ll love to eat and share with your buddies.

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Call Luisa Now to Get Started

If you’re ready to take off the training wheels, simply call or email Luisa now to get started.


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