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We all scream for ice-cream

Summer days are meant for ice-cream. Cool taste sensations and flavours that delight the tongue, what could be more exciting?  Sometimes though, store bought ice-cream can reveal a whole lot of interesting additives, flavours, extenders (water, vegetable shortening, wheat starch) which I prefer to leave on the shelves, not in my stomach. So how you […]

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The knives are out – how to choose a kitchen knife that works for you

  Besides what is is my favourite food to cook, what type of knife do I use is another question I am often asked.  So how do you know what type of knife to invest in, what to look for and where to save your dollars?  Let’s start with some basic points to consider: 1. […]

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Keeping it cool and classy with Champagne Pops

Hello Sunshine! You could be forgiven for thinking it’s Summer all year round here in Queensland with the weather at the moment. So what adult treat can you whip up to keep it cool and classy? Champagne pops of course! Now I am not suggesting you have to use Champagne for this recipe, good quality […]

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Who you gonna call? What to do when you don’t know what to cook

  Apologies for the bad ghost busters reference, it almost had to be done. The inspiration for this blog is thanks for a lovely friend asking about what to cook for dinner based on the ingredients she had. I realised that this is not uncommon for me as I have family often calling for a […]

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The cheek of it all! – Morrocan style beef cheeks

The saying goes ask and you shall receive. My sister in law asked for beef cheeks and she received them – slow cooked with Moroccan style spices until fork tender and served with a side of roast cauliflower and chickpea salad. Clearly she knew who to ask! B;D Braised meats are a delicious and simple […]

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