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Easy ways to cook well, eat well and have fun doing it

An interesting revelation has come to come me lately. I always had this preconception that as a chef just because I know how to cook I must know how to eat. Let me explain my logic here – when you can cook and anything and enjoy cooking surely you must only eat the very best […]

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What is creating Christmas Magic with Luisa and Jennie?

  Christmas can be an interesting time of year. People are either stressed out shopping for the “perfect” gift or looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the break. Sometimes you may be like me for the last 14 years in the hospitality industry and you are dreading the onslaught of Christmas parties that […]

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The knives are out – how to choose a kitchen knife that works for you

  Besides what is is my favourite food to cook, what type of knife do I use is another question I am often asked.  So how do you know what type of knife to invest in, what to look for and where to save your dollars?  Let’s start with some basic points to consider: 1. […]

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Who you gonna call? What to do when you don’t know what to cook

  Apologies for the bad ghost busters reference, it almost had to be done. The inspiration for this blog is thanks for a lovely friend asking about what to cook for dinner based on the ingredients she had. I realised that this is not uncommon for me as I have family often calling for a […]

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8 Easy hints and tips for dinner party success – the food!

Following up from my last blog of tips and tricks for dinner party success comes the most important part. The food! More often than not this is the part that brings the most stress to the host’s planning. What to cook. How will it look. Will there be enough. Will everyone like it. Or will […]

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Undercover Chef Tip – How to stop it becoming a sticky situation

  Honey, treacle, golden syrup, glucose….all a bit of a pain to measure out for a recipe without making a sticky mess or losing half of it to the sides of your cups. So how do you make sure you have all your measured ingredients into the mix without fuss? Running the cup or spoon […]

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