Hello and Welcome to In My Own Kitchen! Have you been looking for a different way to create food, your body and entertain all with style, ease and joy? Here at In My Own Kitchen we are all about creating from that place, all under the guidance of someone who has been there, burnt that, tasted this, cooked that and made a fabulous life and career out of it. 

Often I have heard friends lament that the top reason they don’t enjoy cooking or entertaining is they just don’t know or where to start.  What if you could change that with ease? I bring my professional experience to you, taking away the stress and allowing you to create in a fun and interesting way. 

Never been to a cooking class and would love to know what they’re all about? Check out my about page and you’ll get the low down on how to be cooking like a pro in no time.

Do you have kids that would love to cook and are interested in food? Do they have a birthday coming up and you need some inspiration? My In My Own Kitchen Jnr packages are designed to teach kids the wonder of food and fun of cooking in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Love to keep in touch with what’s happening, when classes are on and what’s cooking? Remember to subscribe to the newsletter below and check in on the events page.

What if cooking food doesn’t need to be a chore and could be the best fun you can have with a bench full of ingredients and a stove? Let me show you how to create wonderful food, plate it and actually enjoy it.

Want to find articles and advice on what to do (and not do!) when cooking for yourself, a few or many?! Need some culinary inspiration? Check out my recipes for family favourites and quick dinner options or browse through the gourmet gallery.

I can come to your home with kids classes at $45/hr  or adult packages starting at $120* (+ingredients *see FAQ for full t&c’s) and show you how to create restaurant quality meals, plan a dinner party or create a different relationship between your body and food in the comfort of your own home.

Still just wish someone else could cook it for you? There is a cheeky undercover chef who can help. Your kitchen, my expertise, our magic:  Welcome to In My Own Kitchen.

How do we start? A quick call and you’ll receive a no-obligation package that suits your needs, time, budget and taste buds. Easy. Just ask today. Want a package that’s already good to go? Click the links below

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